April 26, 2011

MTV: Robert Pattinson on Breaking Dawn Leaks (video)

March 1, 2011

‘Breaking Dawn’ vampire Angela Sarafyan poses for TROIX Magazine (photos)

Angela Sarafyan who will be playing as vampire Tia in upcoming Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn strikes alluring poses for TROIX Magazine April issue.


February 28, 2011

Jacob Black's House being prepared for the set of 'Breaking Dawn’ Filming (photos)

Malicious Mandy blog is bringing us the latest news and photos of the preparations and props that are being added to the Black house from the set of Breaking Dawn.
They have added the fire wood, boat buoys, the Black mailbox and other details. There is no ocean nearby this actual location, so it's funny when they add boats, crab traps (which they did for the previous two movies) and all the boating and fishing props. They seem so obviously out of place, but perfect touches for the movies.


Breaking Dawn's Stunt Team doing rehearsals for Filming at Bella’s House (photos)

The Hollywood North On Location blog posted an updates plus more pictures taken  from Breaking Dawn filming.  Hollywood North On Location blog says:
I think and am on speculating that these stunts are in preparation of the scene where Emmett and Jasper pick up Edward for the Bachelor Party.


Summit Entertainment Confirmed JD Pardo as Nahuel in Twilight Saga ‘Breaking Dawn’

Actor Jorge Daniel Pardo as confirmed by Summit Entertainment will be playing the role of Nahuel in Breaking Dawn. Nahuel as you know, is the half-vampire, half-human that Alice and Jasper set out to find in the hopes of avoiding a disastrous war with the Volturi.
Nahuel is described as an extremely handsome young Latin man with rich dark brown skin, eyes the color of warm teak, and extremely attractive features. He wears his black hair in a braid past his shoulders. As a hybrid, he displays similar abilities that full vampires possess: heightened senses, enhanced strength and speed (although Bella has commented that he is not quite as fast or fluid as a full vampire). He is also venomous, and therefore able to turn a human into a vampire, as proven when he bit his aunt.